Online Loan

Online Loan Instructions

Dear Customer,

If you are already 20 years old and do have stable income, you are eligible to use the online loan service through Zoommer website.

At first, you should register on the website,choose your desirable product and a bank.

At this moment, the following banks provide online loan services: Liberty Bank, VTB, Bank of Georgia and TBC Bank.

See more detailed information below:

1. Register on the website

Please, fill in all obligatory fields:

    2. Choose the product and add to the cart

    3. Choose the delivery address

    4. Choose the bank you want to take the online loan from and submit the order

    5. Fill in the bank application form

    6. After filling in all the obligatory fields, you will receive an invoice from the bank (Please, keep this invoice).

    7. In case of the positive response, the bank representative will contact you

    Take into your consideration, that in case the product is purchased through a bank loan, the price will be increased by 5%.