Delivery Conditions

If you are not able to leave home or just want to use home delivery service for you full comfort, choose your desirable technic through Zoommer’s website and receive it in every corner of Georgia.

Service & Payment Instruction:

Payment types in Tbilisi: 1. By Cash

2. By Card

·Free delivery service throughout Tbilisi for the products with the value more than 200 lari (all kind of technics)

·For the products with the value less than 200 lari, cost for the delivery service is 5 lari.

Payment types in regions: By Card

Delivery service cost for mobile phones, photo cameras, tablets, laptops is 10-25 lari.

Delivery service cost for TV-s is 20-60 lari.

In order to find out the exact price of the product, choose the product you want to buy, add it to the cart and indicate your address details.

Our agent will deliver the product to the destination in Tbilisi in 24 hours, in regions in 24-72 hours.

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