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Tax Free

For foreign citizens

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Tax Free means returning of the VAT amount payed for the product purchased in Georgia by the foreign country citizens.

  • You can use Tax Free, if the total cost of the products purchased by you, according to the single receipt, is more than 200 GEL (excluding VAT);
  • To use Tax Free, it is necessary that the beneficiary has the foreign country passport;
  • The foreign country citizen will be able to receive the VAT amount at the airports or while crossing the border at the corresponding points;
  • While using Tax Free service, the foreign country citizen can have 18% of the payed money back;
  • Definitely monitor the date! Tax Free receipt has a limited date and will be active for only 30 days after issuing.
  • The item purchased while using Tax Free is packaged with a certain manner. The wholeness of the package should not be broken before crossing the border!
  • You should present all the necessary documents at the Tax Free point. In other case, you will not be able to get the money back.