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Warranty conditions

Warranty service conditions:

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Warranty service includes:

  • Repairing of the item, which was damaged after selling according to the conditions noted below;
  • Free and necessary repair of the device within the warranty period, which includes software service, repairing and spare parts;
  • Repair date, according to the custom established by the company, which is defined as 30 (Thirty) days after presenting the item for repairing at the service center.

To receive the warranty service, the consumer should definitely present the warranty coupon at the service center.


The faulty product will be exchanged into a new one, if:

  • The item appeared to have a visual fault at the moment of opening (while purchasing). (it is necessary, that the visual inspection is conducted at the moment of purchasing with a company representative, as the device will not be exchanged because of the future visual faults);
  • The item appeared to have a factory defect during 7 (Seven) days after purchasing (not including visual damage and software fault), service center will issue the act of the faulty device exchange – if the product’s initial form is preserved without damage and the smartphone is presented with full kitting and undamaged box.
  • The item could not be repaired during 30 (Thirty) days after delivering at the service center; the item will be exchanged with the item, which is identical or has the similar features, according to the corresponding conclusion issued by the service center. And if it is impossible to offer such item, the consumer will have his/her money returned, in the quantity of the current market price of the device, which is identical or has similar features.

The warranty service is not executed/is abolished, if:

  • The warranty is overdue;
  • The warranty coupon is not presented/is lost;/span>
  • The data in the warranty coupon is deleted, changed or altered;
  • On the warranty coupon or on the item’s body, it is impossible to read serial number/IMEI code or it is ripped off;
  • The item’s box is lost or damaged;
  • The device appears to have a visual or mechanical defect/damage;
  • Seal or filling is damaged or ripped off;
  • The device had been used for an unsuitable purpose;
  • The damage was caused by the unqualified installation work;
  • The consumer damaged the device during transportation;
  • The device was damaged by the other device placed beside it;
  • The device was dismantled (opened) for an arbitrary repair or any other purpose;
  • The damage was caused by a computer virus or inappropriate files;
  • The damage was caused by a penetration of foreign body or liquid into the mechanism;
  • The damage was caused by the malfunctioning of an electric network (voltage inconstancy), dampening the mechanism, corrosion, impact of high or low temperature, breaking of the terms and conditions of operating and storing, the result of unqualified repair works conducted by the incompetent person;


  • Please inspect the item purchased by you visually at the moment of purchasing.
  • Please, use the SIM-cards compatible with your device. Pruned SIM-cards damage the mobile phone, and because of that, the device may not be subjected to the warranty service.
  • Please, take into account, that putting the electric device into the water/liquid is not recommended. Noted warning includes the models, on which the producing company confirms, that is “waterproof”. To prevent the water/liquid reaching into the device, it is necessary to maintain the requirements of the producing company. In other case, the water/liquid will reach into the device. In the instance of water/liquid reaching into the device, company dismisses the responsibility on the following warranty service.

Warranty repair dates and conditions:

Name Warranty date 100%
Mobile phone 1 (One) Year
  1. Repair service
  2. Software service
  3. Spare parts
Tab 1 (One) Year
Camera 1 (One) Year
Gaming console 1 (One) Year
Other technics 3 Months -1 Year


  • One extinguished pixel on the phone and camera is not considered as a factory fault;"
  • Five or less than five extinguished pixels on the TV is not considered as a factory fault.